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GFP fusion proteins for in vivo tracing

Follow cellular dynamics

  • Stable lentivector-based system
  • Ideal for co-localization studies
  • Monitor protein trafficking in real-time
  • Organelles, vesicles and compartments

Vivid tracking of subcellular activities made simple with Cyto-Tracers™

Molecular trafficking is a dynamic process in eukaryotic cells and the Cyto-Tracers provide the ability to light up cell compartments to monitor movement and localization of organelles and to trace endocytosis and exocytosis. SBI has created a line of lentivector-based Cyto-Tracers that utilize GFP-fusion proteins to mark cellular compartments, organelles, vesicles and structures to enable more long-term and more in-depth experimentation. The Cyto-Tracers can be used in transfections as well as packaged into virus to create stable GFP tracer cell lines in primary cells, tumor cell lines and stem cells.