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Molecular Tools

Systems for cloning, transfection
and tracking cellular dynamics

Clone, Transfect and Track

  • Cold Fusion cloning kit
  • PureFection™ transfection reagent
  • Retro-Concentin™ retrovirus concentration
  • Cyto-Tracers™ GFP-fusion constructs

Powerful Molecular Tools

SBI makes cloning simple, accurate and fast. Create your clone in 3 days with the Cold Fusion Cloning Kit. Transfect your construct into any cell type with high efficiency using PureFection™ transfection reagent and concentrate Retroviruses efficiently with Retro-Concentin™. Track cellular dynamics with the Cyto-Tracers™ GFP-fusion constructs. Detect mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures using MycoQuick™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit.

Cold Fusion Cloning Kit

Clone any segment of DNA into any vector effortlessly. The Cold Fusion cloning technology enables you to PCR-clone multiple fragments in any orientation and in any combination you want. Create unique expression vectors by combining multiple fragments simultaneously.

In Vivo Imaging Tools

Bioluminescent and Fluorescent Lentiviral and Minicircle Vectors for In vivo Imaging. Create dual Bioluminescent and Fluorescent cell lines with either BLIV lentiviral vectors to generate stable cell lines or utilize Minicircle vectors to make nonviral and long-lasting (several weeks)reporter cells.

mRNAExpress™ Modified mRNA Synthesis Kit

 Transcribe and deliver mRNA into cells for instant expression.


PureFection™ Transfection Reagent

PureFection is a powerful, broadly applicable transfection reagent for effective and reproducible transfections.


Retro-Concentin™ Virus Concentration

Precipitate retroviruses for high-titer transductions.


Cyto-Tracers™ GFP-fusion Constructs

Trace cellular dynamics in living cells with GFP-tagged lentivector expression constructs to localize markers to cellular compartments and vesicles.


MycoQuick™ Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Sensitive and accurate monitoring of mycoplasmas in cell culture.


MetaMorph Mutagenesis Kit

Create single, multiple mutations or introduce insertions and deletions simultaneously.