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MicroRNA Target
Selection System

Dual sensor system to identify
3' UTR targets

The Fire-Ctx vector

  • Clone your 3'UTR
  • Perform Ctx sensor screens
  • Quantify binding using Luciferases
  • Choose from catalog of full length 3'UTR clones

The MicroRNA Target Selection System

The miR-Selection lentivector features a dual reporter system with firefly luciferase (Fire) and a cytotoxic sensor (Ctx). The miR-Selection platform captures the 3’ UTR to microRNA binding event using a survival screen by modulating the reduction of the cytotoxic sensor. Quantitative validation is made simple using the built-in luciferase reporter. This powerful and elegant technology finally enables the accurate identification
of microRNA targets and enables high-throughput target identification screens.

Clone your 3'UTR into the vector—easily identify the microRNAs that bind

miR-Selection Lentivector details

• Total size of the lentivector = 10.2Kb
• Sequence of the Multiple Cloning Site (MCS) Starting with EcoRI and ending with NotI