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miRNome Profilers

Expression profiling across all
Human, Mouse or Rat microRNAs

Most comprehensive microRNA assay sets

  • 100% miRBase compatible
  • Simple to use qPCR assay system
  • Sensitive and accurate microRNA profiling

miRNome MicroRNA Profilers

Genome-wide qPCR microRNA expression profiling


miRNome Profilers

These MicroRNA qPCR Array Panels come with all the reagents necessary to tag and convert small RNAs from 20 different total RNA samples into quantifiable cDNA using the sensitive QuantiMir™ technology.

The kits include assays in pre-formatted plates for either the full compliment of human, mouse or rat individual microRNAs with three endogenous reference RNA controls on each plate (see Table below). All microRNA assays are based on the Sanger miRBase microRNA database registered entries.



Sanger miRBase Version 

Number of MicroRNAs

Human 15


Mouse 14


Rat 19



Sanger miRBase (http://www.mirbase.org/search.shtml).


The most comprehensive qPCR arrays available only from SBI