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Expression Profiling

Real-time qPCR-based

QuantiMir RT systems

  • Cancer microRNA qPCR Array
  • Stem Cell microRNA qPCR Array
  • Genome-wide microRNA qPCR assays

Accurate and sensitive qPCR systems for microRNA detection

MicroRNA and siRNA expression analysis is made easy with the QuantiMir™ RT systems. QuantiMir is used to generate PCR-ready cDNA from total RNA in a robust manner which is much more sensitive, quantitative and easier than Northerns or RNase protection experiments. Synthesize enough cDNA template for multiple measurements from a single RT reaction.

This technology is also available combined with pre-formatted microRNA qPCR assay panels for Cancer microRNAs and for Stem Cell differentiation-associated microRNAs. SBI also offers genome-wide microRNA expression profiling qPCR assay sets and services.

QuantiMir™ RT Kit

Convert microRNAs into cDNA for qPCR profiling.

SeraMir™ Serum Exosome Analysis kit

Isolate serum exosomes and profile microRNAs by qPCR, arrays or Next-Gen sequencing.

OncoMir qPCR Array

Detect microRNA changes in Cancer.

Stem Cell qPCR Array

Monitor microRNA expression during Differentiation.

miRNome Profilers: Genome-wide qPCR Arrays

Measure hundreds of Human, Mouse or Rat microRNAs.


How sensitive is the QuantiMir microRNA profiling platform?

The starting total RNA general guideline is 100 pg total RNA per microRNA you want to quantitate.
Example: Start with 10 ng total RNA = Measure 100 microRNAs