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ExoQuick® PLUS
& ExoQuick-TC® PLUS

When you need an extra level of confidence

For sensitive applications

  • Reduced protein carry-over
  • More robust biomarker detection
  • Fast workflow

Quick and Efficient Exosome Isolation for Sensitive Applications

While the ExoQuick® family of reagents speed-up and simplify exosome isolation and are compatible with most downstream uses, some applications are especially sensitive to carry-over of non-exosomal proteins applications such as mass spectrometry, western blotting of low abundance markers, exosome labeling, and in vivo/ex vivo exosome delivery. Which is why SBI offers ExoQuick PLUS and ExoQuick-TC PLUS.

Building on our popular ExoQuick family of products, ExoQuick PLUS and ExoQuick-TC PLUS further reduce protein carryover from serum/plasma and tissue culture exosomal preparations with a simple treatment of our ready-to-use, customized microspheres (kits contains enough ExoQuick or ExoQuick-TC and pre-packed microspheres for 10 reactions*). In less than 10 minutes of total hands-on time after ExoQuick isolation, you can obtain highly pure, intact exosomes suitable for a variety of protein-sensitive applications.

Less is more—ExoQuick PLUS and ExoQuick-TC PLUS for when you need an extra level of confidence:

  • Cleaner—reduces albumins and immunoglobulins as much as 85% more than leading column-based serum exosome isolation kits (Figure 1)
  • Better—reduces total protein carryover as much as 50% more than competing column or precipitation-based approaches (Figure 2)
  • Powerful—detects biomarkers with as much as a 3-fold increase in sensitivity
  • Fast—takes less than 10 minutes of hands-on-time after initial ExoQuick isolation

exoquick and exoquick plus comparison table

*For exosome isolation from serum or plasma, one reaction is defined as 250µl of serum or plasma. For exosome isolation from tissue culture media, one reaction is defined as 5 ml of media.