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miR and PIWI-SNaREs™

Immunopurify microRNA and piRNA complexes
and their associated RNAs

HA-tagged microRNA and piRNA factors

  • DGCR8 (Pasha)
  • Argonautes 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Human PIWI factors

Perform "RIP-Chip" experiments using miR-SNaREs™ and PIWI-SNaREs™

Small Non-coding RNA Enrichment 

Overexpress Epitope tagged microRNA processing factors and PIWI factors for IP pull-downs of RNAs and associated protein complexes. Lentivector based expression of DGCR8 (Pasha), DICER and AGO2 (Argonaute) for miR-SNaREs and PIWIL-1,-2,-3 and -4 for PIWI-SNaREs. All constructs contain N-terminal HA tags for simple immunoprecipitation experiments. Constructs available with co-expression of either RFP for fluorescent cell sorting or Puro for selection of stable cell lines.