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Global MicroRNA
Amplification & Cloning Kit

Amplify and clone mature microRNAs

Rapidly clone mature microRNAs

  • Ligation for first strand synthesis
  • MicroRNAs tagged at both ends
  • Obtain excellent representation

Amplify microRNAs for microarrays and deep sequencing or create microRNA clone libraries

The simplest way to tag both ends of small RNAs for expression analysis and discovery
  • Representative amplification of microRNAs from as little as 5 ng (nanograms) of total RNA.
  • Utilize the built-in T7 for making IVT probes for array analysis.
  • Quantify individual microRNAs by qPCR using the 3' adaptor primer and a microRNA-specific primer.
  • High fidelity maintenance of relative transcription levels for each species of microRNA during the amplification.
  • No size-selection or purification steps needed.
  • Representative amplification of microRNAs from total RNA samples.

Generate labeled hybridization targets for microRNA microarrays, the amplified cDNA can be used as template for T7-based in vitro transcription (T7 IVT) in the presence of fluorescent labeled nucleotides by standard methods. The amplified cDNA can also be used in qPCR measurements and standard PCR with gel analysis