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cDNA Cloning Vectors

Stably express any cDNA in a wide range
of mammalian cells

Stable cDNA overexpression

  • Ubiquitous promotors
  • Single, double and bidirectional promoters
  • GFP, RFP, Puro, Neo or Hygro options
  • HIV or FIV-based

Stable overexpression with cDNA lentivectors

  • Strong and ubiquitous expression of the gene of interest
  • Bidirectional promoter formats for multiple transgenes
  • Single or double expression cassette with choice of reporter gene
  • Target gene expressed from CMV, EF1, or MSCV promoter
  • Choose from FIV- or HIV-based vectors

Gene expression from constitutive promoters
The multiple cloning site (MCS) located downstream of a internal promoter allows convenient cloning of your gene of interest. Choose from three different promoters for expression of your gene--CMV (Cytomegalovirus), MSCV (Murine Stem Cell Virus), UbC (Ubiquitin C), PGK (Phosphoglycerate Kinase) or EF1 (Elongation Factor 1α). The table below describes the expression level and possible applications for each promoter.

Reliable delivery to dividing or non-dividing cells
When used with lentiviral packaging plasmids, your cDNA constructs can be packaged into VSV-G pseudotyped viral particles and delivered into a wide range of mammalian cells with high efficiency. Stable cell lines can be generated that express the gene of interest. The system can also be used to overexpress genes in model organisms.

Convenient selection of transduced cells
In addition to the pCD-MCS one-promoter vectors, which feature the Multiple Cloning Site (MCS) downstream of the CMV promoter, the pCD system offers the option of a second expression cassette downstream of the MCS to express the puromycin resistance gene or copGFP as a reporter under the control of a constitutive human elongation factor 1α (EF1) promoter, which is functional in most cell lines.

Efficient coexpression of target and reporter with T2A peptide
SBI’s most recent additions to the cDNA vector collection confront the problems of promoter interference and imbalanced expression by incorporating a “self-cleaving” T2A peptide derived from the insect virus Thosea asigna to mediate coexpression of a reporter gene with the target cDNA. This allows an easy way to track cells actively expressing your gene of interest.