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Global UltraRapid™ Titering Kit

Cells to titer in 3 hours

Global UltraRapid Titering Kit

  • Rapidly determine titers of pseudoviral particles and measure the copy number of integrated lentiviral constructs.

Accurately measure the amount of infectious particles

  • Faster than conventional p24 ELISA titer kits (less than 3 hours from cells-to-titer!).
  • Accurate qPCR measurement of lentiviral titers.
  • No isolation or concentration of genomic DNA required.
  • Built-in reference control for normalization.
  • Dynamic titering up to 15 MOI.
  • Compatible with most WPRE-containing lenti-constructs. (ex. pLVCT-H1, pLVTHM, pGIPz, HiPerform™ and all SBI lentivectors.

Flow chart of the Experimental Procedure