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TransDux™ and TransDux™ MAX Transduction Reagents

Deliver more virus with easy-to-use reagents

TransDux™ and TransDux MAX™ Transduction Reagents

  • High transduction efficiency
  • Broad cell type compatibility
  • Minimal hands-on time

Be Confident in Your Gene Delivery with TransDux MAX

Whether you’re working with difficult-to-transduce cells like primary T-cells or just want to ensure high transduction efficiency, SBI’s TransDux reagents are ready to deliver. Our newer TransDux MAX reagent (Cat# LV860A-1) can increase transduction efficiencies by up to 8-fold compared to polybrene, while our original TransDux formulation (Cat# LV850A-1) is still available for researchers who are not yet ready to make the change.

Ensure reliable and efficient gene delivery with TransDux MAX.

transdux reagents

Figure 1. TransDux MAX delivers even higher transduction efficiencies than the original TransDux reagent. SBI’s BLIV713 pre-packaged lentivirus [CMV-Luciferase-EF1a-copGFP-T2A-Puro] was transduced into HT1080 cells using either TransDux MAX, TransDux, or Polybrene. Cells were imaged for GFP expression 72 hours post-infection. (Left panel) Microscopy of transduced cells. (Right panel) qPCR-based quantitation of virus infectivity.