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Lentiviral Delivery Systems

Efficient Production, Transduction
and Titering Systems

Lentiviral transduction

  • Packaging systems
  • Concentration
  • Titering

Robust, controlled transgene expression with a non-integrating lentiviral system

Combining all the advantages of lentiviral vectors with the benefits of episomal expression, SBI’s pPACK-ID lentiviral packaging system is a great option for researchers who want to express transgenes in mammalian cells.

Based on SBI’s popular pPACKH1 lentiviral packaging system, pPACK-ID contains targeted mutations in the POL gene which codes for the integrase protein (1). The result is a powerful lentiviral packaging system that is fully compatible with the full range of SBI’s lentiviral vectors, but without integration of the vector into the host genome. This enables transient gene expression in dividing cells, while expression remains stable in quiescent or non-dividing cells. In addition, for researchers interested in gene therapy studies, this system supports transgene expression via lentiviral vectors without the potential risks of insertional mutagenesis.

  • Safer—avoids the risks of insertional mutagenesis
  • Controlled—transient expression in dividing cells, stable expression in quiescent cells
  • Flexible—infect a wide range of cells with the VSV-G pseudotyped envelope
  • Optimized—well-characterized virus production based on SBI’s proven pPACK system
  • Ready-to-use—fully compatible with all third generation lentiviral vectors and downstream virus concentration methods (PEG-it, ultracentrifugation, and ultrafiltration)



  1. Sengupta, et al. An Optimized Protocol for Packaging Pseudotyped Integrase Defective Lentivirus. Biol Proced Online. July 11, 2016. 18:14. PMCID: PMC4939624.