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EZ-Genotyping Kit

Identify Engineered Cell
Clones Rapidly

Complete Genotyping Kit

  • Single-tube assay
  • Reliable results with controls included
  • Economical - 50 reaction size kit

EZ-Genotyping™ Kit

The EZ-Genotyping Kit provides reagents to effectively determine the genotypes of target alleles in most mammalian samples using a robust endpoint PCR reaction. The complete kit contains sufficient reagents for genomic DNA extraction from 50 samples and subsequent PCR reactions. This genotyping kits offers a fast and streamlined solution for genotyping analysis of cultured mammalian cells. A major advantage of the kit is that genomic DNA extraction is carried out in a single tube - mitigating chances for sample cross-contamination for subsequent PCR analysis. The kit is amenable to high throughput-based screening and suitable to several downstream applications such as identification of genotypes in mixed/clonal cell populations, DNA fingerprinting, and cell identity/contamination analysis.

Simple workflow

EZ-Genotyping workflow