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Genome Engineering

Tools for Editing,
Insertion and Excision

TALEs, Cas9, HR Vectors

  • EZ-TAL: Create TAL Effectors
  • Build Designer Nucleases
  • CRISPR/Cas9 SmartNucleases
  • PiggyBac Transposons
  • Integrase Vector Systems

Genome Editing and Engineering Tools

CRISPR/Cas9 SmartNuclease™ mRNA and Vector Systems

Genome editing using guide RNAs.

HR Genome Engineering Vectors

Compatible with Cas9 and TALENs

EZ-Genotyping Kit

Identify correctly engineered cells quickly

PiggyBac™ Transposon System

Instant and reversible transgenesis

AAVS1 Safe Harbor Targeting

Targeted integration at a safe genomic locus

phiC31 Integrase Vector System

One-step, single-copy gene addition technology

PinPoint Targeted Integrase System

Efficiently create isogenic stable cell lines