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EZ-TAL Effector
Assembly Kit

Genome editing at your fingertips

Complete TALE assembly kit

  • Simple 2-day protocol
  • Assemble specific TALE-Nucleases
  • Build your own transcription activators

SBI no longer sells our EZ-TAL™ Assembly Kit. We recommend our comprehensive collection of CRISPR/Cas9 research tools and services for state-of-the-art genome engineering. More information here:

CRISPR/Cas9 Products

including plasmid, RNA, lentiviral, AAV and protein delivery options.

CRISPR/Cas9 Services

including custom gRNA and HR donor design and construction, and cell line engineering services.

EZ-TAL™ Assembly Kit

The easiest way to make your own custom TALE Nucleases and Transciption Activators
Transcription activator-like effectors (TALEs) are a class of naturally occurring transcription effectors that recognize specific DNA sequences to modulate gene expression. First identified in the plant pathogen Xanthomonas, the modularity of the TALE DNA binding domain enables sequence-specific perturbation of gene function and offers broad applications in genetic and epigenetic studies.

The TALE binding domain is defined by a simple, yet elegant code of tandem repeat sequences called repeat-variable di-residues (RVDs) that allow for the predictable generation of customized TALEs that bind to any DNA sequence being targeted with high levels of specificity. Compared to other gene targeting technologies such as zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs) and meganucleases, TALEs offer the researcher more latitude in selecting potential DNA targets, ease in design, and provides levels of specificity on par or better than the aforementioned technologies.