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ExoGlow-NTA Fluorescent Labeling Kit

Detect only extracellular vesicles with NanoSight for more accurate EV quantitation

  • Specifically label EVs for fluorescent NanoSight NTA quantitation
  • Proprietary dye for high signal-to-noise ratio
  • Compatible with common EV isolation methods
  • 45-minute protocol from sample isolation to analysis

Detect only extracellular vesicles with NanoSight

Making a great exosome research tool even better, SBI has developed ExoGlow-NTA, a proprietary dye that enables fluorescent Nanosight analysis* of only the extracellular vesicles present in a heterogeneous sample. The result is more accurate EV NanoSight data that excludes protein aggregates, membrane fractions, and other background particles to provide EV-specific particle size and concentration.

  • The only commercially available kit that specifically labels EVs for fluorescent NanoSight NTA quantitation
  • Delivers high signal-to-noise ratio with a proprietary dye that specifically binds EVs
  • Validated using common EV isolation methods including ExoQuick, ultracentrifugation, and column-based methods (see Validation tab, Figure 3)
  • Optimized for a fast protocol that takes only 45 minutes from sample isolation to analysis

Gain more accurate insight into your exosome sample

The ExoGlow-NTA Kit takes advantage of the fluorescence capabilities of the NanoSight instrument* with a proprietary fluorescent dye, which works by binding specifically and efficiently to the surface of intact vesicles. Membrane fragments, protein aggregates, and other background particles do not bind the ExoGlow-NTA dye, resulting in exclusion of these species from fluorescent NTA analysis (Figure 1). Thus, with the ExoGlow-NTA Kit, the data delivered by NTA more accurately represents the EV populations in your sample rather than all particles, as is typically reported by conventional (non-fluorescent) NTA.

Figure 1. The ExoGlow-NTA dye only binds to membranes of intact EVs. Unlike conventional NTA, which collects data on all particles in a solution based on light scattering, the fluorescence mode of the NanoSight instrument selectively detects the labeled EVs and only the data from fluorescently-labeled particles is reported.

Kit Contents

The ExoGlow-NTA Fluorescent Labeling Kit comes with three components: 1) Labeling dye 2) Internal Standards and 3) Reaction Buffer. Simply mix the dye with the reaction buffer, add 1-100 µg of EVs (or protein equivalent), incubate for 30 minutes, and you are ready for fluorescent NTA analysis. The provided Internal Standards are size-controlled synthetic liposomes that provide a positive control for NanoSight calibration as well as EV/exosome labeling efficiency using the ExoGlow-NTA Kit.

*For fluorescent NTA analysis, the NanoSight NTA system (model LM10, NS300 or others) MUST be installed and properly calibrated with a 488nm laser (available separately). Please contact your local Malvern Instruments representative for additional information.

Don't have access to a NanoSight instrument equipped with the 488nm laser? SBI also offers fluorescent NTA as a service. Simply send us your samples, and we will isolate, label, and perform fluorescent NTA on your EVs. Email our Services department to request a quote now.