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Exo-Fect™ Exosome Transfection

Transfer RNA and DNA into exosomes

Simple, fast protocol

  • No electroporation required
  • Load siRNA and microRNA
  • Works with mRNA as well
  • Transfer plasmid DNA into exosomes
  • Insert small molecule drugs into exosomes

Exo-Fect™ Exosome Transfection Kits

Create novel "FedExosomes"
Exo-Fect is a novel nucleic acid transfer agent that enables the transfection of nucleic acids directly into isolated exosomes. The transfected siRNA, microRNA, mRNA or even plasmid DNA can then be shuttled into target cells via the transfected exosome vesicles. Simply combine isolated exosomes with Exo-Fect and the nucleic acid of your choice to generate exosome delivery vehicles. The protocol takes less than an hour and is highly efficient at placing nucleic acids into exosomes for transport. All Exo-Fect kits come with a Texas-Red labeled positive control, non-targeting siRNA to confirm exosome transfections. The term "FedExosomes" was coined by Dr. Michelle E. Marcus and Dr. Joshua N. Leonard in their article, "FedExosomes: Engineering Therapeutic Biological Nanoparticles that Truly Deliver" published in Pharmaceuticals (Basel), May 2013; 6(5): 659-680.

transfected exosomes deliver cargo to cells