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Exosome RNA-Seq and
Mass Spec Kits

Specifically designed kits
for exosome NGS and MS

Discover novel exosome biomarkers

  • XRNA kit for Illumina RNA-Seq
  • Minimal exoRNA input required
  • ExoMS kits for Mass Spec
  • Surface protein capture protocol
  • Complete protein protocol

Eavesdrop on EVs

Take advantage of powerful LC/MS proteomics approaches to study the biology of extracellular vesicle (EV) proteins and to identify EV biomarkers using SBI‘s ExoMS™ Kits. The kits provide a fast, well-validated, and robust method for selectively capturing proteins from already isolated EVs, and deliver low residual protein carryover, enabling increased detection of many low-abundance biomarkers that are often missed using traditional approaches.

Listen to the “surfeome”

Selectively capture only EV surface and membrane-associated proteins (the “surfeome”) with our ExoMS Surface Protein Capture Kits. Choose the Serum/Plasma kit when you‘re using EVs isolated from serum or plasma, or the Tissue Culture kit for EVs isolated from tissue culture media or any biofluid other than serum or plasma. The robust and well-validated technology used in these kits delivers efficient and highly selective capture of EV surface and membrane-associated proteins.

Explore the total EV proteome

Or choose the ExoMS Total Protein Capture Kit to prepare total EV protein for LC/MS.

Ensure that your exosomes are telling you everything with SBI‘s ExoMS™ Protein Capture Kits:

  • Unique—the only commercially available kit that specifically captures exosome surface and membrane proteins
  • Sensitive—removes many common contaminants from EV preps, such as albumin and IgG, for improved biomarker detection by LC/MS
  • Compatible—works with EVs isolated using a variety of methods including ExoQuick™, ExoQuick™ PLUS, ultracentrifugation, and most column-based kits sold by other vendors
  • Fast—go from isolated sample to LC/MS in less than 5 hours
  • Flexible—options for surface protein or total protein capture from exosomes isolated from serum/plasma or from tissue culture and other biofluids

In addition to the ExoMS Kits, we also offer Mass Spec analysis of Surface or Total proteins as a custom service - just send us your biofluid samples, and we take care of the rest. Email services@systembio.com for details and pricing.

Delivering sensitive protein detection through reduced protein carryover

Our robust surface and membrane protein capture technology is based on a two-step biotinylation and bead capture method that efficiently sequesters surface and membrane proteins away from internal EV proteins. The result is a protein preparation significantly enriched in membrane-associated proteins (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Membrane-associated proteins are enriched in human serum EV samples processed with the ExoMS Surface Protein Capture Kit compared to samples processed with the ExoMS Total Protein Capture Kit.

In addition, the ExoMS Surface Protein Capture Kit is able to deliver sensitive biomarker detection through the use of a proprietary, affinity-based resin that traps many of the carryover-proteins commonly co-isolated with EVs, but which are not actually carried in or on the surface of EVs (Figure 2). Reduction of these protein contaminants, such as albumin and IgG, reduces their strong signal during mass spec analysis, enabling improved detection of more relevant but lower-abundance proteins.

Figure 2. Common carryover proteins are reduced in human serum EV samples processed with the ExoMS Kit compared to samples processed using a standard protocol.

See sample MS Data from Serum EV Surface Protein Capture on the next tab (or click here).