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Exosome RNA-Seq and
Mass Spec Kits

Specifically designed kits
for exosome NGS and MS

Discover novel exosome biomarkers

  • XRNA kit for Illumina RNA-Seq
  • Minimal exoRNA input required
  • ExoMS kits for Mass Spec
  • Surface protein capture protocol
  • Complete protein protocol

Exosomes are the future of biomarkers in medicine

Exosomes are nano-sized vesicles that are secreted outside of the cell and represent a potential "fingerprint" from their cellular origin. Exosomes also serve as nanoshuttles of RNAs and proteins that facilitate communication between cells and organs and are found in blood, urine, amniotic fluid, breast milk, malignant ascites fluids, cell culture media. Exosome-based diagnostic molecules include exosomal RNAs and proteins. Several publications have described the association of specific exosomal markers with several cancer types, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease.

The XRNA and XPEP Kits

To discover accurate biomarkers for any pathology, the best biomarkers are always derived from the best RNA or peptide libraries. SBI has developed kits that enable the generation of Illumina® NGS libraries from exosome RNA samples that offer very little starting input amounts. The XPEP kits provide a start-to-finish solution for making either exosome surface peptide libraries (aka "shaving") or creating complete peptide libraries from isolated exosomes that are compatible with direct loading onto most Mass spec instruments.