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Exosome Antibodies and Antibody Arrays

Detect and characterize isolated exosomes

Exosome detection

  • Exosome-specific antibodies for Westerns
  • Exosome-specific antibody arrays for screening

Detect Exosomes With Our Antibodies and Antibody Arrays

Secreted by most cell types in vitro and in vivo, exosomes can be harvested from a variety of biofluids, providing easy access to insights about the cellular physiology of their parent cells. With our well-validated exosome antibodies and antibody arrays, you can quickly confirm exosome isolation and check for tissue-specific exosomes.

Use our exosome antibody kits (cat#s EXOABxxx) to confirm exosome recoveries by Western blotting, or simultaneously monitor eight known exosome markers with our Exo-CheckExosome Antibody Array (cat# EXORAY). The Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array includes a GM130 cis-Golgi marker to check for cellular contamination in your exosome isolations.