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Immunopurify Exosomes
and Analyze using FACS

Immunopurify Exosomes

  • Enhanced immuno-magnetic beads
  • Selectively capture billions of exosomes
  • Multiple capture antibodies to choose from
  • Exo-FITC flow stain
  • Modular system to customize captures

Immunopurify Exosomes with FACS and IP: Exo-Flow™

The Exo-Flow magnetic antibody bead kits are designed to enable the selective capture for purification of exosomes. The Exo-Flow kits for FACS allow for flow sorting to quantify and purify distinct subpopulations of exosomes based on a particular surface marker- "Flow Exometry". The Exo-Flow32 and 96 IP kits can be used for high-throughput selective exosome immunopurification in either 32 well or 96 well plate formats. The Exo-Flow beads are large and have a high binding capacity to capture billions of exosomes in one binding reaction.

Exosomes are 60 - 180 nm membrane vesicles secreted by most cell types in vivo and in vitro and contain distinct subsets of RNAs and proteins depending upon the cell type from which they are secreted, making them useful for biomarker discovery and functional characterization. Exosomes can originate from any tissue or cell type and end up in a mixed population biofluid. Since exosomes are too small for direct FACS analysis, they must first be captured on a larger surface.

The Exo-Flow kits for FACS

These kits are for the selective capture and flow sorting to purify distinct subpopulations of exosomes, based on a particular surface marker. You will first enrich for all exosomes using ExoQuick (serum, plasma, ascites samples) or ExoQuick-TC (cell media, urine, spinal fluid). The isolated exosomes are then resuspended and bound to the magnetic beads for specific capture and subsequent FACS analysis and sorting. The Exo-Flow kits are modular, thus you can select from various pre-validated capture antibody kits, or utilize your own biotinylated capture antibody corresponding to the exosome surface marker specific for the exosomes of interest in your model system. SBI has thoroughly tested a variety of capture antibodies that work quite well to flow-sort exosomes from either serum or cell culture samples.

The Exo-Flow kits for IP

The Exo-Flow96 and 32 IP kits enable the high-throughput, plate-based immunopurification of exosomes directly from serum or from concentrated exosomes from media (with ExoQuick-TC or ultracentrifugation). The magnetic beads are provided pre-coupled with either CD9, CD63 or CD81 for selective capture of distinct subsets of exosomes from either 96 or 32 samples simultaneously.

Bigger is Better for more Efficient Capture

The 9.1 um diameter of the Exo-Flow magnetic beads enables more exosome capture per volume added when compared to 4 um Dynabeads. This is significant in that some exosome subpopulations that are desired may only be present in very low numbers. The increased surface area enables the more efficient capture of these rare exosomes. Bigger is better. SBI has also invented a unique, universal and reversible exosome stain, Exo-FITC, for flow sorting.

Structure and Gating of Exo-Flow Beads

Exosome capture FACS beads