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AAVanced™ AAV Cloning
and Expression Vectors

Collection of cDNA cloning and expression vectors

Optimized for high titer rAAV

  • Single and dual promoter formats
  • Compatible with any AAV packaging system
  • Designed for easy & efficient cloning
  • Fluorescent and antibiotic selection markers

AAVanced Cloning and Expression vectors

   blue AAV virus

Recombinant AAV vectors (rAAV) have been widely used for gene therapy and genome editing, mainly because of their broad tropism, the lack of disease associated with wild-type virus, ability to transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells, and long term transgene expression (Vasileva A, 2005; Petrs-Silva H, 2013). Packaging rAAV with modified capsid plasmid and adenovirus gene expression plasmid provided in trans makes AAV production more convenient and mitigates any biosafety risks.

SBI offers AAVanced™ rAAV expression vectors based on the commonly used AAV2 serotype. The expression vectors contain inverted terminal repeat (ITR) sequences at both ends of the DNA strand and room for an open reading frame encoding a transgene driven by an exogenous promoter. To produce a high titer of viral particles, expression and packaging vectors are transiently co-transfected into suitable mammalian virus producer cells (e.g. HEK 293T cells) for subsequent isolation of rAAV virus particles in culture media. For a detailed description of SBI's rAAV isolation process please refer to the AAVanced AAV concentration reagent.

For all AAVanced vectors, there is a limit for the size of the insert(s) that can be cloned into the vectors for efficient packaging into viral particles. The entire size of the cassette between the ITRs (including insert) should be less than 5kb, otherwise, packaging efficiency may be materially impacted.